Sunday, 27 May 2012

Todays nails

The Olympic torch came to Treorchy yesterday and this manicure was in celebration of that.
A bit of background is needed here too. I LOVE The Muppets and when I heard OPI had made a special range to celebrate I was excited.....until I realised the price. I'm a student so can not afford to splurge on one nail polish. For that reason i adore (ELF) for their budget busting prices.
I digress. In the OPI Muppet collection is a polish called Rainbow Connection. Its gorgeous with huge flakes of glitter. Luckily I heard of a wonderful substitue in my price range, Technic's Carnival.

The mani I'm currently wearing is made up of ELF's Nude polish and Technic's Carnival and is a twist on the classic french manicure.
Two coats of Nude give a subtle base. Carnival gives a party style tip. I used a stippling technique to achieve maximum glitter.

First post

So this is my new blog. I will be bringing you pictures of my nails, attempting nail art and posting reviews of new stuff that I buy. Hope you enjoy!