Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Big Bang Theory nails

I'm excited to show these. Challenged by a friend to make a Big Bang Mani I didn't think I'd pull it off. They're not perfect but it's my first time to try free hand drawing.

The inspiration came from the official facebook page cast photos.
Pinkie - Raj. Based on his shirt and sweater combo. I used NYC Yellow, ELF White and Chocolate.
Ring finger - Leonard. Based on his jacket glasses and recycle tshirt. I used Color Club Perfectly Mol-ten, Yashali Green and a black nail art pen.
Middle finger - Sheldon. Basedl on his Flash tshirt. I used ELF Red Velvet and white, NYC yellow and outlined it with a black striper.
Pointer - Howard. Based on the jumper he's wearing in the cast photo. For this I used Collection 2000 Parma Violets and the black striper.

As much as I like each one my favourite is my thumb. I wanted to represent Penny but wasn't sure how. Then it popped into my head. Whenever I think of Penny I start singing "Soft Kitty". I painted a base of Ciate Bon Bon and mixed up a grey using ELF white and some black from my striper. Using a small paintbrush I painted a kitty face. When dry I added a nose using ELF Bubblegum and added some features with the striper.
So what do you think??

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

More fun with fimo with added teddy bear

I wanted to do something different after the weekend of Lemon Cream which has featured Olly and Batman (as seen on my instagram, which you're welcome to follow I'm Tinks_1983).
So today I hauled my kit out and found my fimo sticks from light in the box

In the 100 were were two cute teddy bear sticks. Using 2true shade 9 as backing for the fimo nails and colour club Antiquated for the rest I set about creating.

After the 2true polish dried I spread a thin layer of clear polish (also from light in the box....I seem to have lost my Collection 2000 one) and before it dried added the fimo on top. Once complete another layer of top coat seals it all in. Antiquated gets a top coat too.
These photos were taking about 2 hours ago, I've cooked dinner and washed up too, and all the fimo is still there!

I love the foiled collection, its just so shiny.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Color Club Cold Metal Stamped!

After swatching my Color Club set at the weekend I settled on a full mani of Cold Metal. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they lasted and how sparkly they are. This morning I decided after two full days of blue to change it up a little.
I used ELF white and a new plate I got off of ebay. I think the flower is very pretty. I do enjoy stamping!
I should mention that my pointer finger nail suffered an injury yesterday....and it bloody hurt!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Nails on a budget

When I started reading nail blogs I often found myself (and still do) coveting "posh" products, you know, polishes you just can't buy in Superdrug or Boots. Pretty sparkly polishes that are clearly (as a student) out of my price range.

I'd seen Color Club on another blog (sorry I don't remember specifically whose) and it was a brand that I took a liking to. I looked online and just couldn't afford to get a bottle (or 6). Until I walked into TK Maxx on Saturday.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Thursday night nails

I think I've turned my niece into a polish addict too. I did her nails last night, just a neon pattern but she's on trend I suppose haha.
It did however mean that I didn't have a great deal of time to do my own. So instead of going out with bare nails I used my quick fix.
2 coats of Yashali mint topped off with Barry M nail effects in white. Nice and easy and quick so I could actually be on time (I wasn't, I changed my eye makeup and outfit multiple times.)
I like the combination and like that its easy - it used to be my go to manicure before I got into nail art

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday star Nails

A quickie tonight. Why I added the tips I still don't know :/ My free handing is so shaky! My poor thumb suffered a mishap today too.
The stars are from my bargain from poundworld, ELF black and Wet n Wild xplode orange

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Green Ombre

Ombre is another trend I really like. It can be done as a gradient on each nail or flow across the hand. Since I seem to have acquired multiple green polishes I went with the flow style.
Starting from the thumb : Yashali shade 74, Wet n Wild 54321, Elf Teal, Yashali shade 20, Elf mint cream. I was a little annoyed at myself because Shade 20 and Mint Cream look like different shades in the bottles but when on they're a pretty close match.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Galaxy nails.....nothing to do with chocolate!

This trend has caught my eye over the last few weeks and I never thought I'd be brave enough to try it.
But today I am.
There are so many layers to this style. I started with a lick of base coat topped with 2 layers of ELF's Black. Once dry I added in a coat of Twinkle, also by ELF, to represent the distant stars.
Now the fun part! Taking a make up wedge (a tip for sponging I got from Sammy) I sponged some ELF White polish on. Once dry I used NYC 'S Water Street Blue to sponge some accent colour. Some more drying time before sponging Yashali's holograpic blue (more details can be found in my post about light in the box) across all my nail giving a other worldly feel (the photo doesnt do it justice).
Some more drying time and a slick of top coat brought it all together before some strategic layering of Technic's Carnival to finish off as planets and stars. Another layer of top coat makes the whole mani feel smooth.
I can't wait to show this off tonight.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy Birthday America

The most interesting modules of my degree are the American ones. I totally love how interesting the history of the States is.
Jumping on the band wagon I present my 4th July mani. After applying base I striped up my nails with tape and used a red nail art pen which I gave a coat of red glitter (doesn't show up too well sadly). Once dry I removed the tape and filled in with white. The blue is Wet n Wild Denim Chrome ( I think I'm addicted!) and the stars I drew with a nail art pen. Not bad for a first attempt. Once dry I topped with a generous coat of Collection 2000 top coat.
So what d'ya think? I think with more practice the lines would be more crisp and defined. I definitely need to work on even spacing!
Happy 4th of July, enjoy and stay safe.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Disaster *sigh*

I thought about not posting these. I've seen chevron designs everywhere and in the nail guide pack that I got were some Chevron tips and being a smartarse l decided to place one on some tape to make my own.
Using xplode orange and denim chrome I painted above and below the tape. The disaster was that I hadn't thought about the width of the tape. So I just filled in some more denim and finished with spots using my nail art pen.
The denim chrome is a bit difficult to clean AS it stains quickly. Thank goodness l wear base or it'll be much worse.
In fairness with more patience this could be good. Maybe I'll give it another go at the weekend with a bit more planning.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Cosmetics Fairy haul

I think I may have read about Cosmetics Fairy on one of the blogs I follow. If I did and you're reading this THANK YOU.

As I've mentioned before I'm a student so my budget is limited. Through Cosmetics Fairy I've managed to pick up a few bits and bobs for £10.75. Postage is free when you spend £10.