Thursday, 20 December 2012

Santa suits

For my santa suits I used OPI's Wocka Wocka. I think its a bit too dark red but hey ho. The fluff, buttons and belt are acrylic paint.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Snowy scenes

Ahh the christmas break is here! So what better time to get a snowy manicure!

I used Colour Club foils in Cold Metal and Lumin-icent sponged over barry m white. When they dried I added a top coat and dug out my acrylic paints for the snow flakes and threw in a few rhinestones too.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012


My lovlies, fear not I am still hete. I have a lot of coursework going on at the moment but it's nearly done and the holidays will be here soon.

Here's a quicky of my first christmas manicure! I used NYC Black, Collection Ice White and acrylic paint in white and viridian. Enjoy!

Friday, 16 November 2012

NYC Persistent Putty

The last of my Cosmetics Fairy polish haul (I got mostly make up this time).

Persistent Putty. Is it brown? Is it greige? I'd call it minx. I think. I do like it though.

I find with NYC polishes the first coat is terrible, very thin and patchy. But on the second coat it transforms! It's gorgeous.

I can see this as being an everday wearer, since you could add anything too it!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Essie Meet Me at Sunset

So I also picked up a bargain with this bottle of Essie . A full size bottle for £2.49.

This was a little different to Super Bossa Nova. Thinner to apply so took 3 (and a bit) coats to become opaque.

The stunning red/orange colour is right up my street.
All in all I'm impressed with my growing Essie collection!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Essie Super Bossa Nova

This week I'll have a few swatches of what I picked up at Cosmetics Fairy last week.

Today I start with Essie's Super Bossa Nova. I got a mini bottle(5ml) for 99p. The polish is a lovely bright fuchsia pink with a subtle shimmer. It only took two coats to make it opaque and dried to a nice smooth finish.

I think this could be an interesting polish to stamp with, so will hope to try that out soon.
Cosmetics Fairy have relaunched with a new website, now its orders over £15 qualify for free delivery but there are new offers and loyalty points to be collected

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sally Hansen HD Resolution

So I bought another bundle from Cosmetics Fairy. Mostly makeup but I got another if the Sally Hansen HD colours.

This time out its Resoulution. A metallic green, this polish as with the others from the line take a few layers to achieve an opaque colour.

It's perfect for nails to wear to the WWE tour tomorrow and here you can see my Team Cena colours. All lettering is done with white acrylic paint and the rhinestones were from eBay.

I'm so excited to go to the show tomorrow! Its going to be the best birthday for a long time :)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Barry M Spider Web

So I got the free Spider Web effect by Barry M.

The polish is Orange and works like Barry M Chameleon. Here's my first attempt of using it.

I painted a thinish layer on top of NYC's City Blackout. As you can see the orange isn't too bright apart from my thumb which had a a slightly thicker coat.

I love the Barry M effect polishes, so clever! Will be trying this again over a lighter polishs to see if that makes the orange stand out more

What do you think? Do you use the Barry M effects? Which is your favourite?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Another Award!

I am again delighted and honoured to have been nominated for this by Kristine at Pink and Polished

As a condition of the award I have to share 7 random facts about myself, so here goes.

I'm an ebay fiend. I could spend all day searching on there!

I totally love Tim Burton films

I don't really fit in to a "type" of personality, mostly because the stuff I love is all so very different

Although I'm not particularly great at it, I love to draw

 I'm currently working on my dissertation, which is about Batman, which makes me the coolest/geekiest person ever (maybe)

I love my boyfriend more than I could ever explain

I really want to have my own house so I can have a room with one wall full of bookcases and the other full of polish storage

As for nominees, I want to share this with all my readers, YOU make me stick around and post which is the best thing in the world. Thank you all

Sunday, 4 November 2012

A little more Halloween

Well I couldn't stop at one!

I finally bought some acrylic paint - it's a little bit life changing! So much easier to work with than polish, and if you make a mistake a touch of water solves the problem,

For this I used Barry M White (all white), Collection Purple Rain (Witch's hat), NYC Black (Vampires's hair) and acrylic for the rest

Here the polishes I used  are Barry M White, NYC Black, and 2True Nude, the rest is acrylic.

The most important thing I've learnt while dabbling with acrylic is once it's dry to apply a thickish layer of top coat so the design is protected.

The inspiration came from IHaveACupCake on YouTube

I hope you enjoy and I hope to be back real soon with some fresh new ideas

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sparkly skulls

Inspired by youtuber Professional DQ I bring you my "halloween" mani for this year.

I used ELF Black for the base, Collection Ice White (not white at all!!) for the skulls and Hedy's Cherry Bomb for the bows. After a clear top coat I added some rhinestones and some Hedys Manishma Beyond Opal holographiccfor detailing.
I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pink Wednesdays for a good cause

I notice round the bloggersphere that Wednesdays are when everyone wears pink and since October is also Breast Cancer Awareness I can not think of a better way to wear pink

I used OPI Excuse Moi and Collection White Ice on the accent finger, then I attached rhinestone ribbons with Color Club topcoat

Cancer is a horrific disease that has affected my family, I lost my Grandsha 13 years ago to it. I've been a supporter of cancer charities for years and wearing this mani hopefully will get people talking as well as my new John Cena tshirt since WWE are giving all profits from the "Rise above Cancer" merchandise to a breast cancer charity.

To those who have experienced any form of cancer, themselves or a family member, I send massive hugs and love. The more money that can be raised towards funding research so less people have to go through this awful disease the better.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Essie Smooth Sailing

In my Cosmetics Fairy haul I got my first ever essie polish.

Its a teenie tiny bottle but it only cost 99p. The colour is gorgeous, more of a lavender colour than blue with a lovely subtle shimmer.

The formula is a bit difficult but with two coats I achieved good coverage.

What are your essie experiences?

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sally Hansen HD and another Cosmetics Fairy haul

Hey lovelies

Ahh its the weekend. I got a parcel from Cosmetics Fairy on Friday, all the lovely stuff for £20 (give or take a few pennies)

I got a few new polishes, 2 Sally Hansen HDs.

Here is (a slightly scuffed after a days wear) Hue. Its a beautiful yellow with a gold shimmer. Its an almost pearl finish. I did find it a little streaky even after 2 coats, and I dont think my top coat helped, think I need to try a different one.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend, mine is going to be spent reading (so much uni work!)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sparkly Pink

Hey lovely readers,

University is really bogging me down right now so theres not a huge amount of free time for working on intricate nail art. That said I am still painting my nails, its a welcome break. For most of this week I've been sporting this sparkly pink look. Its ELF Fluro pink topped with Hedy's holographic pink (whose name escapes me now).

I'm hoping to have a few hours spare this weekend to get some real nail art because I miss it!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

3 Nail Challenge Finals

My lovelies I have been terribly lax this past week or so, I appologise. It's been a busy time with organising myself ready for my last year of university.
Here's my manis for Edgy and Wavy
Edgy was inspired by a tutorial at Nailside
This is ELF Fluro pink, Collection 2000 Red and Barry M Blue Glitter
Wavy was going to be watermarble but after 3 failed attempts I just used a dotting tool to make waves
This is Ciate Bon Bon and Color Club Hot Like Lava
And that's the end of the challenge! I hope you've enjoyed following the challenge. I've really liked finding new inspiration from all these wonderful ladies.
Taya (Starts later)
Deja (A bit differently)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

3 Nail Challenge - Soft

Phew, almost caught up!
We're on to the home straight with 3 Nail Challenge. This post is based around "Soft". I HAD to pick clouds because I just love sitting in my garden with the weather is good picking out cloud shapes, and of course the Care Bears live in Care A Lot which is in the clouds.
I used NYC Water Street Blue, NYC Lemon Cream and a white nail art pen
Catch up with the other participants here
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3 Nail Challenge - Favourite Emotion

Hello my lovlies. When I saw favourite emotion in the challenge list I knew what I would do straight away


The Care Bears were a massive part of my childhood. I still have my original Good Luck Bear from the 80s and I also bought the new release version! I didn't choose him for this mani though. I picked Cheer Bear, Bedtime Bear, Grumpy Bear and Love a Lot Bear

Bedtime Bear is a very sleepy bear. He helps everyone get a good night's sleep and have sweet dreams and often talks with a yawning voice. He is aqua blue and his symbol is a blue, sleeping crescent moon with a yellow hanging star.

Cheer Bear is a very happy and perky bear, who helps everyone be their happiest and cheer up those who are unhappy.She is pink and her tummy symbol is a rainbow.

Grumpy Bear shows that while it's okay to be grumpy sometimes, it is also silly to let grumpiness go too far. He is blue with a raincloud with raindrops and hearts as his symbol.

Love-a-Lot Bear is a bear who helps spread love and help it along wherever she goes. Her tummy symbol is a red heart with a pink outline and a pink heart with a yellow outline intertwined

I'll be honest, these looked better in my head than they turned out. I am definitely going to invest in some acrylic paint because I think that would have been much easier to manipulate. The polish took so long to dry!

All tummies are ELF white, eyes are ELF Black.
Bedtime bear is NYC Water Side Blue
Cheer Bear is Fearne Cotton for Boots Pink, the rainbow is Collection 2000 Red, NYC Orange, NYC Yellow, Yashali Green, NYC Water Street Blue
Grumpy Bear is Rimmel Azure
Love a Lot Bear is Collection 2000 Hot Pink

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3 Nail Challenge - Favourite Book

Reading is probably my favourite thing in the world. To be able to escape to another place is just amazing.
For this challenge I had so many ideas! In the end I picked the books I've beenbreading with my niece.
Here we have Little Miss Giggles, Mr Tickle, Little Miss Naughty and Mr Greedy.
I used ELF Nude as a base and any black is also ELF
Little Miss Gigles is NYC Water Street Blue and Collection 2000 Hot Looks Red. Her Bows and Nose are NYC Lemon Cream
Mr Tickle is Barry M Tangerine and Water Street Blue for his hat
Little Miss Naughty is Collection 2000 Parma Violets mixed with ELF White to make the lilac colour. Her bow is yashali Green
Mr Greedy is a white base covered with Primark Neon Pink 
Check out the other fab ladies here
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I'm pretty much caught up now! Hurrah!

Friday, 21 September 2012


Ladies I'm so pleased that after some TLC this week my nails are in a decent shape! So I will be working my way through the 3 Nail challenge this weekend :)

Monday, 17 September 2012


Hello lovelies,

I've not forgotten about 3 Nail Challenge from Saturday, I have been away (again!) and while away managed to snap 3 nails!! This week I shall not be painting them just trying to get them back into a bit of shape so 3 Nail challenge is paused for now.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

3 Nail Challenge - Favourite Song

I love music. If you look at my ipod it is completely varied, from really modern music to movie soundtracks.  However I don't have ONE favourite song which meant this was a pretty tough choice, so I cheated. Instead of a favourite song, I decided on my favourite artist.

Monday, 10 September 2012

3 Nail Challenge - Futuristic

Apologies for this being late, I've been away for the weekend.
For this one I worked completely outside of the box!
Futurama is created by Matt Groening of The Simpsons and follows Fry who wakes up in the 31st Century after being cryogenically frozen. I love Leela, mostly because I always wanted purple hair but also because she stands up to the boys! Bender the robot is also very funny and that's why I chose these two characters to keep Fry company on my nails. My pinkie and thumb are kinda what the title card looks like.
For this look I used:
2true base coat
ELF nude
ELF Black
ELF White
For Fry's hair NYC Orange
For Leela's hair Collection 2000 Purple Rain
For Leela's lips ELF Fluro pink
For Bender Color Club Lumin-Icent
Thumb/Pinkie Wet n Wild Denim Chrome & a blue striper pen
Collection 2000 Top Coat
I am so pleased with how Leela turned out! Fry not so much, I think I made his head too wide!
I hope you've enjoyed these, more from the 3 Nail Challenge tomorrow, don't forget to check out the other bloggers taking part.

W7 Metallic Crimson Magnetic Magic Polish Review

I was lucky enough this weekend to be sent a bottle of the new W7 magnetic polish* to play with and review. I've never used a magnetic polish so was really excited to try it out. The colour, metallic crimson, is absolutely gorgeous, perfect for (dare I say it) the upcoming Christmas party season.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My first ever award!

I am honored to have been given an award by Patchwork Polish

3 Nail Challenge - Ultra Modern

I'm not gonna lie, I found this theme super challenging until I stumbled across this ring online. 
I was drawn to the simplicity which is what reminds me of ultra modern interior decor too.

So using after a base coat I used a coat of silver from my Fearne Cotton for Boots set (which has made a lot of appearances lately ha). On top of that 2 coats of Hedy's Manishma holographic in blaster. When that was all dry I added in the blue striping tape and then made silver tips.

My hands look so dry in these pics, they aren't that bad in real life :/ Plenty of hand cream ( Soap and Glory Hand food) tonight.

The next theme is futuristic and if I can get it right this could be very cool!

Don't forget to check out the other super talented participants 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nail mail!

Ahhh I was so excited for these packages! I finally got some nail art brushes and another polish from OPI's Muppet collection
Excuse Moi is a pink base polish jam packed with glitter. I'm not one for usually wearing a full glitter bomb across all 10 fingers but this was too amazing to resist!
I can't believe how amazing this collection is!
Both of these came cheaply from ebay which is where I get most of my bargains. Have you got any exciting nail mail lately?

Monday, 3 September 2012

W7 Magnetic Nail Polish - Press Release

Hello everybody! Just a quickie tonight as I've had a hectic day (more about that later in the week). Here's the latest news from W7

Magnetic Magic Nail Polish

Inject some metal into your makeup bag with W7’s Magnetic Magic Nail Polish. With three shades and three different magnet designs, your nails are sure to sparkle even through the dullest winter days.

How does it work? The liquid polish contains minute iron filings that group together once the magnet is placed over the nail, giving a darker appearance, which creates a two-tone pattern.
In three different colours: Metallic Blue, Metallic Crimson and Metallic Grey, this nail polish is sure to be an Autumn/Winter hit.

The three magnet designs: Stripe, Wave and Star give different patterns on your nails. They give the illusion of two nail varnishes used to create either a delicious swirl or rigid lines; this is the next generation of nail varnish.
How to apply:
Step 1: Apply one coat of magnetic polish to all 10 nails and let it dry.
Step 2: Working with one nail at a time, apply a generous amount of magnetic polish and immediately hold the magnet completely still over the nail, as close as possible without touching the polish, for at least 10 seconds. The longer you hold, the more defined the shape, so we recommend between 20-30 seconds.
Step 3: Allow the magnetic polish to dry completely and apply a clear top coat.
W7 Magnetic Nail Varnish - £4.95
W7 is available within selected New Look & Peacocks and various online stores

I really like the silver polish. I've never used a magnetic before so I'm tempted to try and get my hands on these! 

On the blog this week I'll have some ELF makeup swatches (since I've found my camera lead) and round two and three of 3 Nail Challenge so keep your eye out for those

Sunday, 2 September 2012

50th post!

Wow! It's my 50th post. I thought it would take me a lot longer to get here. Thanks to each and every one of  you who reads these posts and for all your lovely comments.

After the decadence of my 3 Nail Challenge mani today I have something a little simpler.

Here are the tools I used.

After a base coat I used two layers of Wet n Wild's 54321 which is a gorgeous metallic teal. BUT I decided to use ELF's matte top coat to give a less shiny look. Then using a dotter and silver from Fearne Cotton for Boots  I created the flowers. A dot of top coat in the centre helps the rhinestones stick.

Needs a bit of a clean up to finish the look

Nice and simple for a Sunday evening. 
Again I want to say thanks to everyone who reads and subscribes. It's a pleasure to share my ideas with you  all