Thursday, 5 July 2012

Galaxy nails.....nothing to do with chocolate!

This trend has caught my eye over the last few weeks and I never thought I'd be brave enough to try it.
But today I am.
There are so many layers to this style. I started with a lick of base coat topped with 2 layers of ELF's Black. Once dry I added in a coat of Twinkle, also by ELF, to represent the distant stars.
Now the fun part! Taking a make up wedge (a tip for sponging I got from Sammy) I sponged some ELF White polish on. Once dry I used NYC 'S Water Street Blue to sponge some accent colour. Some more drying time before sponging Yashali's holograpic blue (more details can be found in my post about light in the box) across all my nail giving a other worldly feel (the photo doesnt do it justice).
Some more drying time and a slick of top coat brought it all together before some strategic layering of Technic's Carnival to finish off as planets and stars. Another layer of top coat makes the whole mani feel smooth.
I can't wait to show this off tonight.

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