Monday, 16 July 2012

Nails on a budget

When I started reading nail blogs I often found myself (and still do) coveting "posh" products, you know, polishes you just can't buy in Superdrug or Boots. Pretty sparkly polishes that are clearly (as a student) out of my price range.

I'd seen Color Club on another blog (sorry I don't remember specifically whose) and it was a brand that I took a liking to. I looked online and just couldn't afford to get a bottle (or 6). Until I walked into TK Maxx on Saturday.

So there I was browsing (with my boyf's mama) and there was a shelving area with nail polishes, some were Essie or Calvin Klein but they were mostly pinks which I have a few of. Then there they were. Multiple different Color Club sets. Sadly there were only 3 different gift sets and the other two had shades I would never use. So I got the 'Foiled' set (well the boyf's mama got it for me). The set consists of 6 polishes and a top coat

Perfectly mol-ten (Green)
Antiquated (Gold)
Cold Metal (Blue)

Hot Like Lava (Cerise? Pink?)
Foil Me Once (Mauve/Purple)
Lumin-icecent (Blue/Silver?)

They're beautiful. I haven't used a full mani yet but just the shine after 2 coats had me mesmerized. I'm so excited to experiment with them and here they're good for stamping too. 

The full set was £7.99 in TK Maxx (Merthyr Tydfil branch, I couldn't find anything online)

85p! Really!!
Another quick bargain before I finish up for tonight. I have never used one of the 'dip and twist' remover pots but in my local Home Bargains I picked up a Easy Nails 'Fast & Fruity' tub for 85p. It's supposedly a peach scent but I didn't notice. I really like it and it's handy to stick in my overnight bag when I stay at my Boyf's house.

I'll be back with some new mani's this week for sure! Until then, thanks for reading 


  1. £7.99 For the full set? Bargain! And they are gorgeous! I will probably never have an expensive brand (unless it's a bday/xmas gift) so I totally sympathize with you on the 'coveting of posh polish' lol!

    1. I used to be really down about not being able to afford all the cool polishes but now I just bargain hunt or try to find a good substitute, like Technic's Carnival is really similar to OPI's Rainbow Connection.