Tuesday, 24 July 2012

More fun with fimo with added teddy bear

I wanted to do something different after the weekend of Lemon Cream which has featured Olly and Batman (as seen on my instagram, which you're welcome to follow I'm Tinks_1983).
So today I hauled my kit out and found my fimo sticks from light in the box

In the 100 were were two cute teddy bear sticks. Using 2true shade 9 as backing for the fimo nails and colour club Antiquated for the rest I set about creating.

After the 2true polish dried I spread a thin layer of clear polish (also from light in the box....I seem to have lost my Collection 2000 one) and before it dried added the fimo on top. Once complete another layer of top coat seals it all in. Antiquated gets a top coat too.
These photos were taking about 2 hours ago, I've cooked dinner and washed up too, and all the fimo is still there!

I love the foiled collection, its just so shiny.

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