Sunday, 2 September 2012

50th post!

Wow! It's my 50th post. I thought it would take me a lot longer to get here. Thanks to each and every one of  you who reads these posts and for all your lovely comments.

After the decadence of my 3 Nail Challenge mani today I have something a little simpler.

Here are the tools I used.

After a base coat I used two layers of Wet n Wild's 54321 which is a gorgeous metallic teal. BUT I decided to use ELF's matte top coat to give a less shiny look. Then using a dotter and silver from Fearne Cotton for Boots  I created the flowers. A dot of top coat in the centre helps the rhinestones stick.

Needs a bit of a clean up to finish the look

Nice and simple for a Sunday evening. 
Again I want to say thanks to everyone who reads and subscribes. It's a pleasure to share my ideas with you  all


  1. very pretty,I love that matte efect:)

    1. Thank You! I think the matte and the green work great together

  2. hey, nice design, i nominated you for an award! check it out at my blog

    1. Wow! Thank you :) I'll be sure to post my questions and answers tomorrow