Monday, 10 September 2012

W7 Metallic Crimson Magnetic Magic Polish Review

I was lucky enough this weekend to be sent a bottle of the new W7 magnetic polish* to play with and review. I've never used a magnetic polish so was really excited to try it out. The colour, metallic crimson, is absolutely gorgeous, perfect for (dare I say it) the upcoming Christmas party season.

The polish comes in a box with a separate magnet. I'm aware that some brands have the magnet in the lid, but I've not used those. I found having the magnet loose was easy for me to use, the shape was comfortable to hold between my thumb and fore finger.
Star Shaped Magnet

Following the instructions on the box I used my usual base coat and then painted my nails as usual with the polish and left them to dry completely.
When absolutely dry, one nail at a time I added another layer of polish and used the magnet. In the instructions it says a generous amount, and it definitely has to be. On my middle finger I didn't use quite as much and there is barely any movement

Direct light
The longer you hold the magnet over the wet polish the better the design pulls through.
The polish was lovely to apply and the star shape magnet was great. For a first attempt I think I did well with these. I believe that you have to "get to know" how the polish works - instructions suggest 10 seconds but after 10 there was very little design visible, but with perseverance I got a decent result ( these photos were taken after the 3rd attempt!) Getting the magnet close was trial and error, a few times I ended up bumping it against the wet polish but as you go along you get a "feel" for the height that it should be at.
This is also the first time I've used W7 polishes and I will say I'm impressed with the formula and the colour. I can't comment on the regular polishes but I will be looking out for them in the future.
The magnetic polishes can be found online at Amazon, Nail Polish Direct and in Peacocks and New Look stores.
Have you ever used W7? What colours would you recommend?
I'm aware that my 3 Nail Challenge is late - I've been away for the weekend, so check back for that later today.
*W7 Magnetic Magic polish was sent to me for my consideration and honest review from th PR company Aqua Pr

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