Monday, 10 September 2012

3 Nail Challenge - Futuristic

Apologies for this being late, I've been away for the weekend.
For this one I worked completely outside of the box!
Futurama is created by Matt Groening of The Simpsons and follows Fry who wakes up in the 31st Century after being cryogenically frozen. I love Leela, mostly because I always wanted purple hair but also because she stands up to the boys! Bender the robot is also very funny and that's why I chose these two characters to keep Fry company on my nails. My pinkie and thumb are kinda what the title card looks like.
For this look I used:
2true base coat
ELF nude
ELF Black
ELF White
For Fry's hair NYC Orange
For Leela's hair Collection 2000 Purple Rain
For Leela's lips ELF Fluro pink
For Bender Color Club Lumin-Icent
Thumb/Pinkie Wet n Wild Denim Chrome & a blue striper pen
Collection 2000 Top Coat
I am so pleased with how Leela turned out! Fry not so much, I think I made his head too wide!
I hope you've enjoyed these, more from the 3 Nail Challenge tomorrow, don't forget to check out the other bloggers taking part.


  1. OMG this is awesome :D Leela FTW

  2. Ohh I love love this!And I love Futurama,well done:))

  3. how original haha you did an amazing job!

  4. wow, this is really futuristic, great idea and performance :-D

  5. I never watched this show, but I have to, because one of my friends recommended it to me, and now I see it here also. It really has to be gooooood =)
    Great drawing skills. I wish I had them as well =)