Wednesday, 26 September 2012

3 Nail Challenge - Favourite Emotion

Hello my lovlies. When I saw favourite emotion in the challenge list I knew what I would do straight away


The Care Bears were a massive part of my childhood. I still have my original Good Luck Bear from the 80s and I also bought the new release version! I didn't choose him for this mani though. I picked Cheer Bear, Bedtime Bear, Grumpy Bear and Love a Lot Bear

Bedtime Bear is a very sleepy bear. He helps everyone get a good night's sleep and have sweet dreams and often talks with a yawning voice. He is aqua blue and his symbol is a blue, sleeping crescent moon with a yellow hanging star.

Cheer Bear is a very happy and perky bear, who helps everyone be their happiest and cheer up those who are unhappy.She is pink and her tummy symbol is a rainbow.

Grumpy Bear shows that while it's okay to be grumpy sometimes, it is also silly to let grumpiness go too far. He is blue with a raincloud with raindrops and hearts as his symbol.

Love-a-Lot Bear is a bear who helps spread love and help it along wherever she goes. Her tummy symbol is a red heart with a pink outline and a pink heart with a yellow outline intertwined

I'll be honest, these looked better in my head than they turned out. I am definitely going to invest in some acrylic paint because I think that would have been much easier to manipulate. The polish took so long to dry!

All tummies are ELF white, eyes are ELF Black.
Bedtime bear is NYC Water Side Blue
Cheer Bear is Fearne Cotton for Boots Pink, the rainbow is Collection 2000 Red, NYC Orange, NYC Yellow, Yashali Green, NYC Water Street Blue
Grumpy Bear is Rimmel Azure
Love a Lot Bear is Collection 2000 Hot Pink

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  1. love, love, love. cute little bears! beautiful mani!

  2. OMG so much cuteness - overload!!!! throwback to childhood!

  3. I used to watch Care Bears when I was little too <3

  4. Awww Care bears,I watched them as a child,and I still love them!

  5. Lovely mani! And I love care bears, they are so cute :))