Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Barry M Chameleon

Happy Hump Day! All downhill towards the weekend from here.

I couldn't resist. After seeing bloggers mention it I had to pick up Marie Claire to pop my Ciate cherry! I got Bon Bon as I have similar polishes to the other two but am slightly tempted to get the set! I will try it out over the weekend and share how I feel about it.

My other purchase today was Barry M's Chameleon.

Here it is pre-chameleon effect. I used 2true base coat ( that's the only thing I went to Superdrug for and came out with this as well!). On the bottle it says you must use a base. I don't know why, I assume it has something to do with the science. This is one coat of base coated with one coat of Chameleon. It looked good after one coat, I don't think it needed more and I'm not sure how it will react. Something to try next time.

It's super shiny, this is taken near my living room window.

Then the fun part! Using a dotter and just free painting, using Collection 2000 top coat.

My verdict? I'm not sure. I LOVE Barry M nail stuff, and I adore the concept. I just think that it'll take a bit more experimenting until I decide what to think. The dots and thumb stripes look good but the tip and stripe don't seem to have come out as well. Maybe more top coat needed? Again, it'll be down to experimenting.
As a student with limited funds I always think about was the product worth what I paid for it. So is chameleon worth £3.99? Yes, because when I'm having a lazy manicure day it is easy to use and with a little more practice it could be amazing

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