Friday, 8 June 2012

Rhinestones Orange Carnival

So Thursday is pub night.
I've thought about doing this for ages and threw caution to the wind last night.

For this mani i used one coat of ELF nude. I don't usually use a base but my nails were alarmingly blue when i cleaned off my last polish. So until I find a decent base coat nude will do. The orange is another of ELFs polishes named champagne. I really love ELF. The polish needed two coats for an even look.

The feature nail has a coat of Fearne Cotton nails by day silver. I got the set for christmas and hadn't used it. The brush is odd. I thought it might have been faulty but all 5 bottles have the same. It is slightly curved. It didn't make too much difference to painting though. Once dry I added some clear top coat, i use Collection 2000 top coat, and began layering clear stones down the nail using tweezers. 
On my left hand I used Technic's carnival on the feature nail for something different.

It was a precision operation but I'm happy with it.

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