Saturday, 16 June 2012 haul and todays nails.

Yesterday my haul from light in the box say I'm happy is an understatement.

I got: 

20g Grams Acrylic French Art Nail Glue
Amazing Color Magnetic 3D Magic Trendy Nail Polish Set And 1 Pattern Magnetic Slice Kit 7ML Option : 1#  - Black Silver and top coat & magnet
Nail Polish (13ml) Color : 5#  Mint Green
F2 Stamping Series Nail Art Image Stamp Template Plate 1 - Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse
Nail Art Pen With Brush Applicator And Needle Black
100pcs 3D Cane Stick Rod Sticker Nail Art Decoration
Nail Art Pen With Brush Applicator And Needle White
Nail Polish (13ml) Color : 12#  - Blue
Nail Art Stamp Stamping Image Template Plate G Series Option : G15  Flowers
Fast Nail Art Tip Polish Dryer Tip Fan
Sanding Files Polish Grit Buffing Nail Art Tool (2 Packs)
Nail Art Top Coat Nail Polish
Nail Polish (8ml) Color : 3#  - Green
Nail Art Stamp Stamping Image Template Plate Q Series Option : QA18 - Music Notes
Nail Art Stamp Stamping Image Template Plate M Series Option : 19#  - Nail Tips
DIY Nail Art Stamping Printer Machine and Scraper

All for (including shipping) £38
So today I figured I have a play around again.

I used

Starting off with 2true base coat I then applied three, yes THREE, of the Yashali Blue (as an aside it says 16 on the bottle but it's #12 online). As annoying as it was  I adore the colour. It's slightly pearlescent and just looks different. Maybe next time I'll try a white coat too. My ring finger is two coats of ELF black for an accent nail.

I then used Black to stamp the star pattern.

I really need to practice stamping

As you can see the silver really didn't come out too well. I tried the pearlescent but it was too thin and the silver wasn't much better. So I threw in a few rhinestones

You can see by my thumb how much I need practice ha!

So there we go. I'm really pleased with my haul, it's going to be worth the money. I'm going to dice up my fimo canes and have a go with those this week. Since I don't have a summer job yet I'm going to have plenty of time to practice!

If you have any stamping tips I'm happy to take any advice :) 
Until next time x

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