Friday, 29 June 2012

Mattified parma violets

Hello! So my fimo experiment didn't last long. I'm thinking nail glue might be the answer. So for last night I needed a new look.
I bought my matte top coat from ELF ages ago and was really addicted to it but hadn't used it in a while. Same for the purple which is called parma violets. I loved the sweets as a kid but now not so much.
I started with 2 coats of my trusty base coat. My nails are so much nicer when I take polish off sibce I started using it. Then 2 coats of collection 2000 parma violets.
Here's the honesty spot - this wasn't the mani I wanted. I *tried* a sponging gradient thst Sam at put a tut up for. I ruined it. My colour choices were all wrong and I just messed it up terribly. I'm going to try it again though.
So I cleaned up and repainted and turned to my trusty stamps. ELF white and a silver nail art pen finished the look. Which I'll be honest I like.

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