Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ciate Bon Bon

I finally got around to using the bottle of Ciate polish I got free with Marie Claire magazine. I was lucky enough to have the choice of all 3 colours and picked Bon Bon, mainly because I don't have anything similar.
I used a coat of 2true base coat and 2 coats of Bon Bon. I also used my tip dryer which was fab! Bon Bon is a kind of nude/lilac. With my new fascination with stamping I couldn't resist adding in some lepoard spots in Collection 2000's Purple Rain (I honestly bought this one for it's name. I adore that song).
As much as I like the polish I don't think it's realistically in my budget right now at £9 a bottle.
What do you think? Did you get a free polish?

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