Monday, 20 August 2012

A little something different -My ELF cosmetics collection

Hello lovely readers. I do hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I know my blog is usually all polish but after wearing the rhinestones all weekend my nails need a breather. So since praising in one of last weeks posts I decided to empty my make up bag and show you all the fab goodies I've bought from them.

I should say this excludes my nail polishes, they can be seen in an earlier post. Here we have eyeshadows, foundation, mascara and eyeliners.

Here's all my brushes. They are such great value for money.

This week I intend on swatching and showing off each individually.

These gift sets I haven't even used yet.
Here's the beauty book. It gives you easy to follow tips for eyeshsdow application. I won this in a twitter giveaway and haven't used it yet.

My favourite freebie, still unused though. I got the beauty clutch as a free mystery gift when I spent so much money. There are some lovely colours in here.

At the moment between 6pm and 10am tonight you can get 30% off orders over £20 using code OWL30YAY, Tuesday's code is HOOT30 and Wednesday's is OLWYN30. I'm working on a wishlist right now!


  1. Ilove elf! And the clutch is great, sooo many colours! :)

    Would you like to join our challenge? :)

    1. Isn't it amazing!

      I'd love to join the challenge, will sign up now :)