Thursday, 9 August 2012

Summer Neons

Regular readers will have learnt two things about me, the first is that I'm Welsh snd the second is that I go to the pub on Thursday. Tonight is no exception AND we've had a bit of sun today so I just had to go neon!

After a base coat I painted all my nails white with my trusty bottle of ELF White. If you have never shopped with ELF before I really recommend them. £2.50 for a bottle of polish is a steal because of how lush they are. Visit them here (This isn't a sponsored ad or anything I just love them, my make bag is 85% ELF products).

Ok so when you're white is dry it's neon time. The white really helps the colours pop. I love the gradient technique ever since I saw it over at The Nailasaurus. I do mine slightly differently though. Instead of mixing on foil/plastic I paint straight on to the make up sponge. Once there's enough on the sponge I just dab onto the nail, building up colour. Be prepared to get messy. Polish will get everywhere but it's nothing a cotton bud can't solve. I sometimes use a remover soaked cotton woll ball held in a clothes peg (I know, it sounds mad but it works! I read it on a stamping blog.) My neons are from Primark, I'm using Orange and Pink and also in the set was green and yellow.

Once you've achieved the desired intensity you'll notice the polish is s bit bumpy. That's solved with a top coat.

So there you have it. As always thanks for reading, if you want to keep updated hit that follow button. If you have sny hints or tips I'd love to read them!

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