Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Striping tape manicure

Well this is another look that I love... but that I just CAN'T master. This is the third attempt I've made since getting my tape and is the best so far.

After a base coat I used Fearne for Boots pale pink for the tips. 2 full nail coats and a third coat from about half way to the tip. The middle stripe is ELF Bubblegum. I used the side of the brush to go across the width of my nail. The 'cuticle' layer is Collection 2000 'Hot Looks' in Siren.

So with a tricolour nail I took my striping tape, magenta between Siren and Bubblegum and silver between Bubblegum and Pink. I use a small nail scissors to cut the tape, I always cut more than I need and place along the edge of the blended colours. Sometimes I use a tweezers to help control the tape too.
Top coat keeps it all in place.

So here it is, the lesser of the 3 striping evils. Like most things it is just going take practice and patience.
If you've any tips I'd love to hear them.
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