Sunday, 12 August 2012

Today's post is sponsered by the letter L and the number 9

I maybe 28 but I have little intention of being a grown up any time soon.  When I heard Elmo was going to be on British tv and radio this week I was beyond excited. So this weekend I bring you Sesame Street!

It wasn't easy. There are a lot of colours and some I mixed. I really need to get some nail art brushes since most of this was done with a dotting tool.

I started with 2true base coat, my pinkie Oscar the Grouch is made with a blend of Yashali Green and ELF white. ELF white and black make the eyes and ELF chocolate for his eyebrows. I used a black striper for all mouths.

Bert is on my ring finger. Made of an old NYC yellow (i114a) for his face, for his nose I mixed the yellow and an NYC orange (i112a). Eyes and mouth same as Oscar, the striper was also used for his brows and hair

Middle finger is Earnie's place. NYC orange, a black striper for his hair, eyes and mouth as before. For his nose I used the orange and added a touch of red.

Cookie Monster is on my pointer, NYC Water Street Blue. Eyes and mouth as before.

Elmo is my thumb. Collection 2000 Hot looks Red (the name has rubbed off the bottle).His nose is the same as Bert's and eyes and mouth are the same as all.
My right hand is a mix of all dots since my freehanding isnt as good with my left.

So there we have it. I love the idea of putting characters on my nails, and the half circles make it easier than a full nail I think. My task this week will be to make lists of who I want on my nails. Got a suggestion? Drop me a comment.
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  1. Don't worry, I'm 32 (and a half!!, that's very important!) and I love these! lol!