Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What's Better than a sparkly red polish??

The answer is a sparkly red polish named after my favourite Muppet of course!!
Animal-istic is a gorgeous red shimmer by OPI. Regular readers will know that I'm a cheapskate Student so can't really afford top range polishes but this one I HAD to have. So to ebay I went, and got myself a bargain...well 3.
See I only paid £5.80 for Animal-istic and I found Pepe's Purple Passion for £2.94 and Wocka Wocka for £5.95.
The problem I now face is finding others from the collection at such bargain prices!


  1. I love sparkly reds and this is gorgeous! I'm a cheapskate too so I consider £5.80 a lot to spend on one polish! haha! Even so, this is beautiful and only if I spotted THE polish, I might splash out. :D

  2. I need a sparkly red polish in my life! <3